Episode #005: Mike Love of The Beach Boys

Mike Love co-founded The Beach Boys over 55 years ago alongside Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson and Al Jardine. Last year, Love released a double album through BMG titled Unleash The Love, his first solo album in decades. One year prior to that, Love released an autobiography, Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy. Meanwhile, The Beach Boys remain active as ever, performing over 170 shows in 2017 alone. Simply put, Mike Love shows no signs of slowing down, and I spoke to him about that by phone last December. More on Mike Love can be found online at www.mikelove.com.

Episode #003: Rob Grad

Rob Grad is an in-demand visual artist based in Los Angeles. But before his art career took off, he played bass in the band Kik Tracee, which inked a record deal before Grad’s 21st birthday. During days off on tour, while his bandmates were sightseeing or at local malls, Grad visited museums. In other words, he was not your proto-typical “hair-band” guy. Grad showed during Art Basel, Switzerland and at SCOPE Miami last year, and his work hangs in San Francisco International Airport, The Avedis Zildjian Company in Boston, and the Griffin Club in Los Angeles. I spoke with Rob Grad in August 2017 while visiting Los Angeles.

More on Rob Grad can be found online at www.robgrad.com.

Episode #002: The Police's Andy Summers

Andy Summers first achieved worldwide fame as one-third of the legendary rock band The Police. However, The Police was only one chapter of Summers’ successful career as he was a prolific sideman before joining the Sting-fronted power trio. After The Police disbanded, Summers became an in-demand composer for film projects, beyond recording solo albums and presenting dozens of shows featuring his photography. The latest solo effort from Summers is last year’s Triboluminescence, and I had the pleasure of speaking with the guitar great by phone in September 2017.

More on Andy Summers can be found online at www.andysummers.com.

Episode #001: Fred Stoller

Fred Stoller is an acclaimed comedian, actor, and writer. I had the pleasure of interviewing him on August 6, 2017 at The Grove in Los Angeles, where many regard him to be "the mayor." His latest book is Five Minutes to Kill, an e-book on the HBO's 1989 Young Comedian Special, which Stoller appeared on alongside David Spade, Rob Schneider, Warren Thomas, Drake Sather, and Jann Karam.

More on Stoller can be found online at www.fredstoller.net.