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Wrestling champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman on Plainview, hobbies & Long Island living

Wrestling champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman on Plainview, hobbies & Long Island living

Known as pro-wrestling's first 1-percenter, Maxwell Jacob Friedman — a native of Plainview, Long Island — is often associated with the finer things in life. This includes championships, as Friedman is currently the reigning World Middleweight Champion of MLW.

2018 has been a great year both in and out of the ring for the native New Yorker. Beyond wrestling at ALL IN, Friedman was part of a recent episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast. Furthermore, back in April, Friedman became CZW World Heavyweight Champion.

Below is part 2 of my interview with Maxwell Jacob Friedman himself. The man known as "MJF" can be followed on Instagram and Twitter via @the_mjf.

You grew up in Plainview. By any chance did you know Hoodie Allen growing up? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: No, but I love his music. 

What led to you moving to Indiana? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: I met a beautiful women and decided that she and I needed complete privacy. What place better than the biggest house in all of Indiana in the middle of nowhere? Complete privacy. 

Is there anything you miss about living on Long Island? Maxwell Jacob Friedman: I miss my family and friends at times. But to be fair, everyone has growing pains when they leave home. But Long Island is by far the most superior place to raise a family and I will be returning when it’s all said and done.

How often do you get back to Long Island? Are there any restaurants you have to go to when you return? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: Not as often as I’d like. I’m constantly jet-setting every weekend coast to coast across the border and across the pond, but when I do get to come home it’s crucial that me and my family head into the city and eat at El Parador Cafe. The best Mexican food in the world. 

How did you wind up training at the Create A Pro Wrestling Academy? Did you know any of the staff as a result of growing up on Long Island? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: I just googled wrestling schools in my area and Create A Pro came right up — thank god. Curt Hawkins and Pat Buck are both two of the best trainers to have ever lived. It’s as simple as this: if you train at CAP, you have a leg up on everyone in our industry. 

Do you remember the first concert you attended as a Long Islander?

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: I never went to concerts. I hate people. Especially when there having fun. 

What about the first wrestling show? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: I went to a local show in New York and watched a young Alex Reynolds wrestle. He’s still one of the best wrestlers to this day.

Finally when not busy with life as a wrestler, how does Maxwell Jacob Friedman like to spend his free time? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: Caviar-tasting, skiing, counting all my money. and making out with my beautiful model girlfriend.

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