In media, Long Island is often painted out to be a New York City suburb. While technically true, Long Island has also been at the epicenter of many cultural movements over the past century. It was an important to the development of aviation during the early 20th Century, as Charles Lindbergh lifted off from Roosevelt Field in 1927. It was the place of origin for countless winners of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards. Hip-hop, punk rock, classic literature, and stand-up comedy all have roots in Nassau and Suffolk County. The Great GatsbyThe Godfather and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind are just a few of the influential works that use Long Island as a setting. 

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Brimstone on life as a multi-faceted L.I.-based entrepreneur

Brimstone on life as a multi-faceted L.I.-based entrepreneur

Some people know Brimstone primarily as a professional wrestler. Others know him primarily as the President and CEO of Hound Comics. Other people first became aware of him through his work as an actor or as host of Grindhouse Radio. Meanwhile, Brimstone has his own signature products available through Eastsport Backpacks, Troll Lord Games, CaJohns Fiery Foods, The Jerky Connection, Sweet Hollywood LA, Demeter Fragrances, ButterWinks Cookies, and East Coast Roast.

No Place Like Long Island had the pleasure of conducting Q&A with the Long Island-based Brimstone. No matter how you know Brimstone, his work ethic and drive are inspiring. He is an example of how a person can make it as both an entertainer and a businessman. And strangely enough, this Q&A didn't even touch on a lot of Brimstone's roles, products or upcoming projects.

More on Brimstone can be found at his official website,, while the man himself can be followed on Twitter via @entrancetohell.

You're involved with a lot of different projects at any given time, and that has been the case for a lot of years. When a stranger asks you what you do for a living, what do you usually say?

Brimstone: It is actually interesting that you ask that because at times it is a challenge. I will normally preface that I'm an entertainer in entertainment, who is also an entrepreneur -- so I am commonly referred to as an "Entertainment Entrepreneur." I've never assumed people know who I am, what I've done, or what I do...I don't ever want to come off as "cocky" while listing off the variety of things that I'm involved in, so I normally make an attempt to nutshell it. The majority of people refuse to take it at face value and tend to inquire further, so at that point, I forewarn and offer a more complete rundown of my resume.

Was it always the plan to be so diversified when it comes to your career?

Brimstone: Actually, it was and it wasn't. I've never considered myself a one-trick-pony. I was started young in the industry as a child actor and then I moved on to music when I got a bit older, my goal was to become a rock star back in the day! It wasn't until I got into sales that I began learning the true importance of marketing and advertising and the impact that it has on everything. I learned how to push my bands with guerrilla marketing -- we didn't have the luxury of the Internet when I was playing -- to which trickled over into my run in professional wrestling.

I knew that when I was getting into the wrestling industry, it would be extremely important to choose a name and gimmick that would fare well in marketing. Once I became Brimstone, I continuously attempted to think outside of the proverbial be different without necessarily reinventing the wheel. Some things since were planned, while others were happy accidents!

What are you currently working on?

Brimstone: That is a loaded question! I recently launched my signature coffee line with the Long Island-based roaster, East Coast Roast, which has been fantastic thus far. I'll be launching two Brimstone-based video game apps with Algo Crunch Games and SGN Gaming within the next month or so, as well as another GHR game that is being developed for my radio show, The Grindhouse Radio.

In terms of GHR, we are currently syndicated on 17 networks -- and growing -- including iHeartRadio with a weekly listenership in the millions. It has been consuming a large portion of my time and has also spawned a contract with Go Indie TV to produce a digital television series entitled Behind The Grind, set for Amazon, Roku and Apple TV. We've already filmed the pilot and have written a few episodes already. We're loving the ride thus far and I'm blessed to have an unbelievable team! Furthermore, we have been nominated for the 2017 Best Of LI competition, so we're hoping that the fans will help us take that title in the "Arts/Entertainment - Radio Station" category!

Do you have a job or an accomplishment that you're most proud of?

Brimstone: Being a father and husband is my favorite title and biggest accomplishment. I couldn't do everything I do without the support of my family -- and I work my rear-end off for my family. Maybe not the answer you were looking for, but it is the truth!

Aside from earning a living, do you have any goals that you are working towards?

Brimstone: I just want to do things that I love to a part of things that are interesting. Being Brimstone has allowed me to just be me, my job is being myself. I'm in a position that I'm sure a lot of people would love to be in; however, most people don't realize of understand everything that goes into doing what I and other entertainers and entrepreneurs do. Blood, sweat, tears, disappointment, sacrifice and countless endless nights of work while everyone else is fast asleep! My goal is to continue doing this for as long as humanly-possible. I love it.

When did you start being referred to as Brimstone?

Brimstone: I've been Brimstone since the late 90's... yeas, I'm old! 

Does everyone in your life call you Brimstone?

Brimstone: Surprisingly, almost everyone I know calls me "Brim." I've been Brimstone for 20 years at this point, so "Brim" has become a nickname that I've grown to love and respect. My family of course calls me by my given name, and there are some friends that would rather address me by my real name. But professionally, it's what I'm known as and I wouldn't have it any other way!

When not busy with work, how do you like to spend your free time?

Brimstone: It is a rare thing that I have free time. But when I do have the opportunity to sit back and relax, I tend to spend it with my wife and kids. I'm a family guy through and through, so every second I get with them is priceless to me.

Do you have a favorite restaurant on Long Island?

Brimstone: I have a lot of favorites to visit while I'm home on Long Island and can refer depending on what you're looking for food wise. I'm obsessed with my friends over at Dirty Burger in Plainview. Simply amazing wings, burgers and other delectable delights that you must give a try. In terms of Pan-Asian, I would recommend Monsoon in Babylon for a variety of dishes, they are top-notch. I thoroughly enjoy breakfast at either Cornucopia Noshery in Amityville or Thomas' Ham & Eggery in Carle Place -- always delicious.

My favorite All-You-Can-Eat ribs can be found at Popei's in Bethpage on Wednesdays, and I always enjoy grabbing a burger -- or four -- at All American in Massapequa. If you're looking for an incredible experience, head into New York City and visit my friends at Fogo De Chao or Stanton Social. Hands down unbelievable! The list just goes on...I'm a foodie and proud of it!

Having been all over the place, what is it that keeps you based on the Island all these years later?

Brimstone: I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. It's home. Never forget where you come from and always represent.

Finally, Brimstone, what do you wish more people knew about Long Island?

Brimstone: I wish that people knew the depth of culture and history that we hold here on Long Island. The beauty it possesses in winter, summer, spring and fall. The talented people that the Island is bursting with and can be found throughout. It is a fantastic place to visit and an even better place to reside.

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