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Williston Park's Just Beautiful Boutique to host By Jordana event on Nov. 11

Williston Park's Just Beautiful Boutique to host By Jordana event on Nov. 11

When you were in your early 20s, fresh out of college, odds are that you were not the CEO of a popular company. In the case of Jordana Schrager, the University of Michigan alumnus is the CEO and designer of by Jordana and the co-founder of SKICKS. Her designs have been worn by many celebrities and her products were funded early on by the San Francisco-based Founders Fund.

On Nov. 11, Williston Park's Just Beautiful Boutique will be home to an event featuring Jordana. Beyond having the chance to say hello to Jordana, customers can bring their own boots or sneakers and have Jordana create a personalized design on them. Just Beautiful Boutique will also be giving out a special surprise gift exclusively designed by Jordana.

No Place Like Long Island caught up with Jordana, who can be followed on Instagram and Twitter.

What's to be expected from your event at Just Beautiful Boutique?

JS: I will be customizing Timberlands and Sneakers at Just Beautiful in on Friday, Nov. 11. Come say hi, bring your own boots and sneakers, and I can create a personalized design just for you! I will also be presenting my new mass-produced footwear and fashion line that launches in December.

Have you been to Long Island before?

JS: Yes, I have been to many parts of Long Island. My parents grew up on the South Shore!

Who was the first celebrity to wear your brand? Was it Miley Cyrus?

JS: The first celebrity to wear my custom sneakers was Selena Gomez. I was hired by the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to create custom sneakers as gifts for their performing artists. Selena performed at the Barclays Center and then received her custom sneakers afterwards! I then started to make sneakers for many more celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, P!NK, Ariana Grande, and Nick Cannon.

And what was the first brand you ever partnered with?

JS: The first brand I ever partnered with was Taco Bell. They commissioned me to create two custom Taco Bell-themed sneakers for their social media and marketing team! I was so excited to work with such an amazing company and design really creative and fun sneakers for them to use.

Do you have a favorite design that you’ve created for By Jordana?

JS: My favorite design would have to be from my Peace and Love Collection! My new footwear and fashion line, by Jordana, will be launching mid-November with sneakers, leggings, and phone cases all printed with my signature and unique style. The first collection is the Peace and Love design and really symbolizes what the by Jordana brand is all about!

How did you learn to customize shoes? Did a specific person teach you?

JS: I started doodling on sneakers for fun in high school! At first, I created custom hand-drawn sneakers for myself, my friends and my family. Over time, however, I started to receive orders from people all around the country. After the demand grew greatly for my custom sneakers and artwork, I saw the opportunity for a business and by Jordana was born!

Can customized boots or sneakers be ordered from you?

JS: Yes! You can place an order on my website at! You can fill out an order form listing what type of shoe you would like to be customized and create a list of around 15 things you would want on your sneakers! 

Besides this event, what else is coming up for you and your brand?

JS: I am doing a lot other custom events and trunk shows at retail stores across the country, where I will be customizing products and previewing my new mass produced line. I am also working on the next few collections for by Jordana with new designs and new products. I can't wait for you all to see!

Is there an accomplishment that you're most proud of so far?

JS: After I graduated from the University of Michigan, I was looking for funding to really grow and scale my business. I've always wanted to mass-produce my designs, have them printed on a variety of products, and sell them to retail stores across the country.

One of the greatest accomplishments thus far has been receiving my first investment from the Founders Fund through the Zell Lurie Institute at the University of Michigan for my company, by JordanaThis investment has allowed me to follow my dreams, pursue my passion for art and design, and grow my business into a footwear and fashion line!

Do you have any goals for By Jordana?

JS: My goal is to grow by Jordana into a lifestyle and fashion brand by printing my signature and unique designs on a variety of products. I want to continue to create new and amazing designs that my customers will want to wear and that my stores will want to sell!

When not busy with your brand, how do you like to spend your free time?

JS: I spend my free time creating art and starting new projects that I've always wanted to do. Sometimes it's just for fun and sometimes it's for testing out new ideas that I have for business! 

Do you have a favorite restaurant in New York?

JS: My favorite restaurant in New York is Rubirosa. This is my go-to when I am craving pizza! 

Finally, Jordana, any last words for the kids?

JS: I would love for everyone to check out my Instagram @by_jordana, where you can follow me on my journey as I grow my business, customize new boots and sneakers, and create new designs and products!

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